A Personal Mission Statement Can Improve Your Life

Personal Mission Statement

A personal mission statement is something that can be very beneficial to anyone that wants improvement in every area of life. It can guide us, give us power, and as we stick to our mission statement we get wisdom and security. As we review it, and revise it from time to time, our core values get stronger and more secure. We know who we are and can take on things life has to throw at us. Successful people have mission statements, companies have it, and now….. you have it.

This is something that you are going to write down on paper and put in a safe place. Some people keep it in their wallet, or in their purse. Some get it laminated, but the main thing is to pull it out from time to time and review it, reflect upon it, and if needed make a few changes to it. Some small changes are needed from time to time as our life changes and new things are introduced into our life.

How do we write a mission statement? Well, in order to write it you must be aware of the different parts of your life. We all have things that are important to us. These important things are called our centers. They are what we focus our time and energy on. There are several centers. You would focus on your spouse or partner, your family, your work, money, pleasure, friends, enemies, spiritual, yourself and others things. I believe the ones mentioned here are some of the most common.

Your centers are like your investment portfolio. If you have too much of your investments in one area you could be headed for disaster. A good financial planner will tell you that you need a diversified portfolio. This way when the market goes up and down you don’t go up and down with it. You can get through an economic storm if you have a good diversified group of investments. The different centers are opportunities and if you only put money in one you can only withdraw from one. If you put money in all of them you will be able to withdraw from all of them. It will give you security and guidance, and that in turn will give you wisdom and power.

A perfect of example comes from a father. He was getting ready to take his wife and their kids on a camping trip. They were all loaded up in the car and the young kids were excited. Everyone was looking forward to the much needed getaway. Right before they were getting to leave the man’s work called him. His boss said there is a big change in the marketplace and we need you in here right away so that we can get ahead of this giant opportunity. The father looked at his kids while on the phone. He saw the excitement they had and the smile on their faces. He told his boss that the work would still be there Monday, and that the work would always be there, but his kids wouldn’t be young for ever. He said I will not be there I am taking my wife and kids camping.  His kids will remember that forever. They will keep that in their hearts. On the other hand if he had been too focused on work and canceled the trip it would have damaged his relationship with his wife and kids. Then when he wanted to take an emotional withdraw from that relationship he wouldn’t have any money invested. You have to be aware of your center.

Once you are aware of all the different areas of your life you begin to write down piece by piece your mission. These are not goals these are values. Some examples of values are things like, I will always be honest, not so quick to judge, try to make everyone I come across a better person, always be improving my skills, never die inside, strive to keep my body healthy through exercise and eating, have deep compassion, exercise humility.

Once you feel your mission statement reflects how you want your life to be lived. Then it will drive you in the right direction. You will be able to face life, and it will give you power because at your core you know who you are. It will keep you on the write path. Things around you may change but what is inside you doesn’t. Les Brown says that things may happen to you and things may happen around you, but the only things that matter are the things that happen in you.

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