Family Mission Statement

Strengthen Relationships
Strengthen Relationships

An ongoing study at Harvard over a 75 year stretch found that people who are the happiest have excellent bonds and relationships with family and friends. People not only desire to have a good relationship with their family but the study found that people actually live longer when they have high quality relationships. If you were to ask 100 adults to name what the three most important things in life are 97 of them would rank family in the top three.

Every successful organization, or business has a mission statement. A set of written, clearly defined core values, to live by, when making decisions that would affect the organization or business. Many families could benefit the same way.

What Is A Family Mission Statement?

It would be very similar to a business mission statement. It would simply be written, clearly defined core values, to live by, when making decisions that would affect the family.

Who Should Be Involved When Writing The Family Mission Statement?

The short answer to this is the most obvious. Everyone in the family that is going to use the mission statement. The parents, children, possibly grandparents. All involved should be present and contribute when coming up with the set of values that you will put down on paper. In this case the process of coming up with the family mission statement is almost as important as the product. After the final copy has been written then it could be framed and hung up for the family to view it.

Why Have The Family Mission Statement?

There are many reasons to have a family mission statement. First it puts a strong sense of security on each individual family member. When times are tough they will know that they have a strong support system that is there. Every member of the family will also know what the others values are. They will get to hear from their brothers, sisters, parents and everyone else involved exactly what kind of love they have for the family when writing the mission statement. As long as it is displayed openly then it will remind all family members that they have each others best interest at heart. Many families fight, break apart or stop speaking to each other over trivial matters. This can help to eliminate problems before they start as long as each one keeps these core values close when making decisions that may affect others in the family. It will also help you create goals to strengthen each relationship that you have inside the family. These deep seeded values will help you use the right side of your brain to create ideas that will strengthen the relationship you have with each member of the family.

Family Mission Statement Examples

Here are a couple of good examples of family mission statements that may help give you ideas for your own with your family.

“We as a family believe that we should help one another, and that we should accept help from one another. We believe in compassion towards each other and be compassionate when others face  difficulties in life.  We believe that the happiest people have the strongest relationships. We believe that if you should be willing to ask and receive help. Some key values of our family is love, compassion, goodness, hard work, hungry for knowledge, and to never forget your roots.

Another would be ” to love and support one another, to create a place of trust and learning, to go through life always keeping a sense of humor, to have our house feel like a home, and to fill the lives of others with love and joy.”

You could get together once every few months to review it and if needed update or add to it. With life changes may come changes to your family mission statement.

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