Value From The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People; Rewiring Your Brain

Changing the script


Two parts of the equation that are very important for rewiring the mind are our creativeness and imagination. These two things are essential. Some people may find it hard to use these two parts of the brain and here is why.

Growing up and going to school we are not taught to use two of the most important parts of achieving what we desire. In school they want you to memorize facts, figures, spelling, grammar, ect.  Rarely in school do they want to show you how to use your imagination, and creativeness. You go to school, sit down and listen to the teacher go over facts most of the day. They teach you in school by getting you to memorize facts. A very tiny part of the day is for art which would fall into the creative and imagination class, and even at that point they try to make art about memorizing. That is why most people in life do not know how to use this part of the brain to become more effective. It is essential in doing the second habit, which is, begin with the end in mind.

So, how do you change the script? To do this you need to exercise the part of the brain that allows you to increase your creativeness and imagination.  To exercise this part of the brain you may need to take time out in the evening before bed, or in the morning when you just wake up. Find a quiet place that you can relax for around 15 min. Now, once you have the time when your going to do this exercise, and the place where your going to do it then the easy part is next. You are going to use your imagination as a meaningful specific. That is a term that Zig Ziglar uses from time to time. That simply means that you are going to have have a specific purpose in mind when you do this exercise.

Next, while your relaxing  think about a part of your life that you want to improve. It can be anything from relationships with family members or friends, to business and finances.  Let’s take for example that you want to improve your financial situation, which many people want to do.

What your going to do is very vividly imagine where you want to end up financially. You want to create a video in your mind where you are the star. You want to picture waking up in the morning in the house of your dreams. As you do this think about how you feel as you get out of bed. What does your room look like, and what do you see when you look out the window? If you do this right it is a very fun experience. You will be able to feel the relief from the worries of money. Picture what a normal morning would be like. What kind of car would you drive? Don’t just picture the car. Really imagine that you are walking out of your dream house and hitting the unlock button on the car that you have always wanted. When you get in the car feel the leather. Look at the dash. What does it feel like to not only have the money to get a house and car like this but also to not have to worry about your payments because you have the type of savings, income, and investments that will take care of it all. Also, focus on what you would do for struggling family or friends. What kind of things would you do for them? Les Brown always said “when I grow up and become a man I’m going to buy my mom a big house”.

So, your probably wondering if you have read up to this point what IS the point. Why do this everyday? An odd thing happens when you trick your mind. Tricking your brain is basically what your doing. If you imagine it enough you will trick your brain into thinking that its real and it has already happened.  It’s the same part of your brain that is tricked when you watch a sappy movie and get teared up during an intense scene. You know it’s fake, but part of your brain doesn’t. Part of your brain thinks its real and causes you to act as if it is real. The same principle applies. That part of your brain will cause you to start making decisions based on the real belief that it is possible. That you have been there. Once you believe that you can do something, or have already done it, you will start acting and making decisions based on the fact that you can get to the end game. If you would like to know why increasing your belief works read my next blog on why increasing your belief works.

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