The Landscape of Television Entertainment Is Changing

100% No Monthly Cost Premium TV Is No Dream

Cable and satellite customers are leaving.

losing customers

Imagine that your TV provider called and gave you an offer. Imagine they called and said. “Mr. customer, we currently have an exclusive offer for you. We have a new device that gives you live news, live sports, including all pay per view events, new movie releases, brand new TV episodes, by the second news channels. It literally has every TV episode from every show ever showed on TV.  It also has a kids section with 1000’s of options”.

“You can either keep on paying us 100’s every month or you can buy this new device for 399 and never give us another dollar”.

Seriously, that’s a no brainer!

Then you start doing the math. If you currently pay $150 per month, than each year you’re paying them $1800.

That’s crazy when you could get more options with no monthly cost. $1800 right back in your pocket year after year. It’s no wonder people are dropping cable and satellite.


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More About This Device

This device is the real deal, and comes with a 1 year money back warranty. When you get it all you have to do is plug it in your ethernet, or use WIFI. Connect to an electric outlet, use the included HDMI cable to connect the device to your TV and you are ready to start watching everything that it offers.

Times are Changing

Traditional cable or satellite service providers have been the normal way to get quality television entertainment for many years. However, with the internet getting faster and faster people are using other options that give more options at no cost.

What we are talking about is streaming. To put it simple, this device uses certain applications that come preloaded to stream media to your television. To be clear, this is much different than downloading. Downloading is saving the media to a hard drive or memory card somehow. Downloading is illegal. Don’t do it. Streaming does not save to any device. The media streams to your television and plays as it comes through. This is very legit and legal which is why many companies are getting in on the action.

live streaming

Streaming Options

When it comes to buying a streaming device you have a couple options, but what they can do is much different. Very big companies have got in on the action. Here is a nice list to compare the different devices all at the same time.


As you can see  big names are right here in the comparison chart. The big ones are Apple, Roku, Amazon, and Cable/Satellite TV. Clearly, if you want the best streaming device that comes with an HD Video Cam so you can Skype, preloaded apps that allow free media, has a Cortex A-9 Quad Core Processor, comes with a keyboard, and all cables plus and HDMI cable you get the Vstream2.

Not only does the Vstream 2 have all the best equipment, what makes it even more valuable than all the rest is that it comes pre-installed with applications that you can’t put on the other devices. These apps are what gives you a ton of extra TV options that you just don’t get with the others.

Sure, you can find cheaper streaming devices on the market, but the are not pre-setup. You will need some tech knowledge to “jailbreak” them and then find the right programs to have them stream correctly.

The Vstream2 comes ready to go right out of the box. No technical skills needed. That is what makes this much more valuable.

what this item does

Turns your TV into a computer monitor.

Allows you to Skype with a built in HD Video Camera. (Most other devices don’t have)

Saves you thousands of dollars per year by eliminating cable/satellite.

Gives you more options than a premium cable or satellite package.

Live professional sports, new movies, new TV episodes, live news feeds, has a kids zone, and more all for no monthly cost.

Allows you to access YouTube, Facebook, online games, and other online activities.

Oh yeah for a while they also give you a top of the line digital antenna so you can still get the local channels.

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