Value From The Seven Habits Of Highly Successful People Part 1

Come dive into this review with me about the seven habits of highly successful people. As we step into this book on part 1 we look at the beggining Chapter and how Dr. Stephen R. Covey begins the journey towards the seven habits of highly successful people.

The seven habits of highly successful people. This is going to be a several part review on this book. This is about powerful lessons and personal change. Written by one of the greats Dr. Stephen Covey. It has over 15 million copies sold. This book has been used in a wide variety of circumstances. Many people have read this book.

You can go in this book and skim over it and find out what these 7 habits are and not read the book but you wont get very much value that way. It’s starts inside. Dr. Stephen Covey puts that right in the front. The first headline in the book is rightly titled Inside Out.

On alot of these titles the author puts in a quote from someone else. The first one says “There is no excellence in all this world that can be separated from right living. You can have success or be very successful in different areas of life, but if you aren’t living in line with true character ethics than at some point it will deteriorate.

A perfect example of this is that you have to be who you are simply because its who you are. A man by the name Les Brown says that he was getting fuel for his car. When the attendant pumped his fuel he pulled up only to realize that the attendant gave him 20 dollars to much. So he got out and went up to him and said sir you gave me too much change. At this point the attendant was busy taking care of another person. A man from another car overheard him say that he had received 20 dollars to much. He yelled out “hey do you think if he had shorted you 20 he would flag you down and tell you that he shorted you.” Les simply looked at that man and said, “I’m not responsible for him I am only responsible for me.” Once the attendant came over to him Les said sir you gave me to much here is the 20 dollars that you gave me. The attendant didn’t even smile or say thank you. The guy in the car said I told you, you idiot he didn’t even say thank you. Again Les Brown said I am not responsible for him I am only responsible for me. See, you have to be who you are simply because it’s who you are not because of what other people might say or think. Les Brown said he would have given it back a second time even knowing that the man would not appreciate that he did so. To find out more on Les Brown you can go here. ┬áThat is why this journey to develop these habits you must start on the inside and work out.

Stephen Covey also talks about a paradigm shift that must take place. A paradigm is how we view something, a theory, or a viewpoint. He gives a perfect story to explain what a paradigm is as well. He says that he was riding the public train one day when a man with two kids were on the train. This man wasn’t paying any attention to his kids. The man was kind of daydreaming with his head down. The kids however were running around, being loud, grabbing papers from people, and being very disruptive to the other people on the train. It was clear that some of them were getting very annoyed with these two boys. They were looking to the father for some kind of help to deal with these children that were causing trouble. Finally, Stephen gets annoyed enough to say something to the father. He says, “hey, can you do something about your kids they are causing a lot of problems toward me and other people.” The man looked up and says, “I’m sorry, we just came from the hospital where just a couple hours ago their mother has died. I guess they really don’t know how to take it. That is a paradigm shift. It completely changed the way the situation is looked at. We must have several paradigm shifts to change the way we look at things.

In the next part of this review I will get into an overview of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Thanks for reading and please share. I am able to write this and doing what I love by helping other people that would like to build wealth online and improve their financial situation so they have more time for family and doing the things they love. If you would like to learn more click here and reach out to me. I would be happy to help.